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Medical Skin Barrier

The skin is your body’s largest organ and usually provides excellent protection. It is therefore essential to keep the skin healthy. We used silicone based technology to protect the skin against irritation and damage.

Wound care
Skin around a wound can become soft and damaged because of dampness. Use Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier for healthy and strong wound edges and thus stimulate the healing of a wound. This provides optimal protection and does not irritate. The spray is also very user friendly.
The spray can be directed and can even be used when held upside down.

Stoma care
Each time the skin plate is changed, the alleviating and hypo allergenic Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier formula applies a comfortable and durable protective layer between the skin and the skin plate. Contrary to some other skin protection products, Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier only contains silicone and thus an accumulation of various layers on the skin surface is prevented. Experience the difference after several changes of the skin plate.

Incontinence care
Skin can become dry and even damaged as a result of urine and faecal incontinence. It is important to prevent damage as a result of dampness. By applying Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier to the sensitive areas during each change, one achieves optimal protection of the skin. Because it is silicone based, one does not get an accumulation of old layers, and this is a great advantage.

• Protects and moisturises;
• Does not irritate (alcohol free);
• Dries quickly, new adhesive material can be applied after twenty to thirty seconds;
• Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier is hypo allergenic;
• Does not cause an accumulation of various layers;
• Silicone based;
• Prevents accumulation;
• Environmental friendly;
• User friendly;
• The spray can also be applied when held upside down.

• Article number AH 012

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Medical Skin Barrier is a Dutch product.

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