Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes

Fast and painless removal of medical adhesives

The silicone-based alcohol-free formula of the medical adhesive remover provides fast, painless removal of medical adhesives and contains a moisturising agent that is gentle to the skin.

Wound Care

Removal of adhesive dressings and tapes can be painful and cause trauma to the skin. Ambiance Medical Adhesive Remover Spray provides fast, painless removal of adhesive dressings and tapes.

Stoma Care

A good seal with a strong adhesive between the stoma pouch and the skin is important to prevent leakage. But removing the stoma pouch can cause skin trauma and pain. Ambiance Medical Adhesive Remover Spray has been carefully designed to gently release even the most strong adhesives in seconds.

Continence Care

Male urinary sheaths (condom catheter) are held in place using strong adhesives. Even these adhesives release quickly and painless with Ambiance Medical Adhesive Remover Spray.

Ambiance Medical Adhesive Remover Spray can be sprayed upside-down, making those hard to reach places accessible.

Key Features

  • The spray has an alcohol-free, non-sting silicon-based formula
  • Fast and painless removal of ostomy pouches, dressings and male urinary sheaths
  • Prevents against the build-up of sticky residue left on the skin
  • Aerosol spray for application - can be sprayed upside down
  • Dries quickly to allow you to apply the sheath or stoma pouch in seconds
  • 50ML
  • Article number AH 011
Medical Adhesive Remover is a Dutch product.


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