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Ambiance Healthcare is a privately owned healthcare company, founded in 2008 and based in the Netherlands.

Ambiance Healthcare has a strong international identity - and a strong international team. Our people have a great deal of expertise and years of experience in the production, distribution and marketing of medical products.

About Ambiance Healthcare

We are committed to bring high quality products to the benefit of our customers. Continuously we improve our products in our R&D facility.

With our advanced medical silicone technologies we manufacture a range of accessory products, essential for the daily lifestyle of people with a stoma, wound dressings and incontinence problems.

Our Silicone Medical Adhesive Remover is designed for pain-free removal of adhesive products such as wound dressings, stoma pouches and external sheath catheters.

Our Silicone Medical Skin Barrier is designed to protect, moisturise and soothes the skin. It dries quickly and you can apply the next adhesive in seconds.

We ensure that our products offer the benefits of the most advanced silicone technology. We have a commitment to patient care for a healthy skin and for quality of life.

A range of our accessory products: Medical adhesive removal spray and wipes, Medical skin barrier spray and wipes, medical odour eliminator, etc.

If you require any advice about our products, we are happy to be at your service.

Ambiance Healthcare B.V. The Netherlands
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