Irritated skin a thing of the past!

Skin is our body’s largest organ, so let’s treat it with care.

The use of silicone for the treatment of wounds, incontinence and stoma care has advanced in leaps and bounds during the past few years.

Ambiance Healthcare B.V., manufacturer of medical aids, has spent two years researching the use and appliance of silicone in skin protecting products.

Ambiance Healthcare B.V. introduced Medical Adhesive Remover and Medical Skin Barrier in August 2009. These products have been received extremely well by users, nurses and doctors.

Medical Adhesive Remover (adhesive and plaster remover) and Medical Skin Barrier (skin protector) were developed based on medical silicone, so ALCOHOL FREE!

Now you can remove tape, plasters, sticky edges, incontinence products and stoma pouches with Medical Adhesive Remover. Medical Skin Barrier can be applied to give optimal skin protection before applying new material.

You can view the Ambiance Healthcare products on our product page.

Ambiance Healthcare B.V.’s research and development department are continuously investigating new appliances for stomas, incontinence and wound care.

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