Ambimed Caring Washing Unperfumed

Washing without water, soap or a towel.  

Ambimed caring washing is often used in nursing homes and hospitals.
Where patients used to be washed with cloths and a bowl of water, this is now done with these washcloths.

The Ambimed moist washcloths are of the highest quality.

A soft, disposable washcloth impregnated with a skin-friendly hypoallergenic lotion.


In this variant, the lotion contains no perfume.
The variant with perfume has a purple packaging.

The resealable package contains 8 moist washcloths.

You can heat them up in the microwave for an even more pleasant contact with the skin.

Drying is no longer necessary.


This product has been specially developed for the healthcare sector and is therefore of the highest quality.

But this product is also useful for use on vacation, in the car, sports activities or when you are on the road.

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