Medical Skin Barrier Spray

Protects, moisturises and soothes the skin

The silicon-based alcohol-free medical skin barrier spray is developed to protect the skin against harmful bodily fluids, excoriation and medical adhesives. Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier Spray provides a protective physical barrier between the skin and adhesive products, not only prevents skin irritation and skin damage but also maximises the effectiveness of the product in use.

ambiance medical skin barrier spray

Wound Care

Skin around a wound can become soft and damaged. Use Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier Spray for healthy and strong wound edges to stimulate the healing of a wound.

Stoma Care

Use Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier Spray before applying a stoma pouch in order to avoid skin irritation and skin damage.

Continence Care

By applying Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier Spray to the sensitive areas during each change of a male urinary sheaths (condom catheter), one achieves optimal protection of the skin.

Ambiance Medical Skin Barrier Spray can be sprayed upside-down, making those hard to reach places accessible.

Key Features

  • The spray has an alcohol-free, non-sting silicon-based formula
  • The spray leaves a protective barrier on the skin to prevent skin irritation
  • Non-drip formula to ensure maximum skin protection with no messy residue
  • Aerosol spray for application - can be sprayed upside down
  • Dries quickly to allow you to apply the sheath or stoma pouch in seconds
  • 50ML
  • Article number AH 012
Medical Skin Barrier is a Dutch product.


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