Odour Eliminator

Ideal for unpleasant odour

Ambiance Healthcare Odour Eliminator has specially been development for stoma, wound, diabetes and incontinence care. It eliminates odour bacteria and neutralizes odour from defecation, urine and wounds in direct surroundings.

Ambiance Healthcare Odour Eliminator

Persistent odour needs a special solution

Regular appliances temporary masks odour. You often have to repeat the use to keep the product effective. Ambiance Healthcare developed a long lasting solution against persistent odour.

Spray two or three times

Spray two or three times in the area where the odour arises and you’ll enjoy a long lasting fresh scent. The spray is also convenient for traveling.

Ambiance Medical Odour Eliminator can be sprayed upside-down.

Key Features

  • Eliminates odour bacteria
  • Neutralizes odour
  • Long lasting fresh scent
  • Spray can be used at any angle
  • Convenient packing for traveling
  • 50ML
  • Article number AH 031
Odour Eliminator is a Dutch product.


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