Stoma Paste

The user and skin friendly Stoma Paste for covering uneven skin and for the protection of the skin against urine and faeces around the stoma.

stoma paste ambieance healthcare

Key Features

  • Absorbs moisture and keeps moisture away from the skin
  • Decreases the activity of digestive enzymes and prevents them from affecting the skin
  • Maintains the natural pH level
  • Blocks the contact between the skin and biological and chemical compounds
  • Stoma paste forms a gel and does not harden as a result of which it feels comfortable
  • Because of the innovative packaging, the stoma paste can be applied quickly and easily
  • The stoma paste can be removed simply with Stoma Paste Remover
  • The spray can also be applied when held upside down
  • Article number AH 016
Stoma Paste is a Dutch product.


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